How to Create Mini sites for Adsense or Content sites

Mini sites are used widely to create content, they are another way of using your articles. They are an absolute need if you want a long term business.Besides of using your Adsense codes, there are ways to monetize from Affiliate programs from Clickbank. Here is a free Step by Step Video Tutorial on how to create your Mini sites.

1.Find a good market niche. Look into your favourite hobby. Do some research.
Adsense Mini-Sites or also called as Content sites are basically websites designed only around creating a revenue from Google Adsense by driving traffic to these websites which in turn, if built correctly will result in a nice income.
These type of sites are taking off in the search engine and usually will have quite a bit of original content aimed at being highly targeted to the topic of the website.

High quality Adsense Sites are not to be confused with many of the "scraper" sites around which are just rubbish and will have your site banned by Google really fast.

The purpose of an Adsense Minisite as mentioned above is to create content rich WebPages that are highly focused towards a specific search term (to help improve search engine ranking's), attractive to the visitor and provide you with another income stream.

2.Get a Domain name. The domain name should be your best keyword in your ads for your site. Like everything else there are many ways to go around completing the same objective, this is still the same
here BUT the difference is that the guessing work has been eliminated of the equation, allowing you to focus on creating your Google Adsense pages.

The guide which will be detailed takes you through one of the most effective way's of creating wealth from Adsense due to the fact that these sites are built to last, not just a useless spammy site that will diminish with time. An Income that continues to grow and mature.

In fact to outline how powerful this method is, not only will your Minisites be earning you an income possibly within the first month but that income will increase as each month passes for quite a while.

3.Get a good Hosting Account. Avoid the free hosting services. They have serious limitations.

Cost Effective

Minisites are very cheap to create in terms of initial outlay and continued costs. If you are starting from scratch with nothing then it is possible to set up your first site for under $100 and that includes everything. Once you have your hosting up and running you can usually add new domain names under the same account and it will cost you even less.

Time Effective

Your first Google Adsense Mini-Site will probably take you a little longer then usual as it may be completely new to you but once you have completed a couple you will be able to build a complete site in less then 3 days if you want to. A friend of mine personally has 3 Adsense site right now that he is working on and has another 3 in the drafting stages, and this was referred to as "taking it slowly".


We all know how dull website maintenance can be, even I dread doing it from time to time, guess what? You got that right! Adsense Mini-Sites are built for ease of use, ease of maintenance and easy to upgrade.

How about some Free resources (Videos) to help you create your Content Sites.
I got some great news for you . Michael Rasmussen has created some terrific Step by Step Videos on How to Create your Minisites. And Yes!. They are Free. Just go to my site.

We will be talking some more about the creation of your Minisites, Splash pages or Content pages.

Have a great day.

Victor M. Martinez Is a retired Horticulturist with a MS Degree at UC Davis, with a passion for Health Topics and Internet Marketing.

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